Welcome to PMI Process Systems

PMI Process Systems is widely recognised as a quality solutions provider in the lines of Dosing Pumps, Chemical Dosing Skids, Process Instrumentation and Water Treatment Systems. PMI’s unique selling point lies in the fact that it is driven by constant innovation, flexibility in terms of providing customized systems and a team of dedicated and highly experienced engineers and technicians providing the most efficient and effective solutions.

We constantly strive to achieve the best in terms of quality and innovation to exceed the expectations of our customers.


•Milton Roy India (LMI) make Metering Pumps
•Dosatron (Water Powered Metering Pumps)
•Customized Dosing Systems
•Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems
•Instrumentation & Control Systems 
•RO & UF Systems
•Chlorine-di-Oxide Generators

PMI Process Systems are one of the best people in business.

- Roy Groups, Bangalore